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Check DRIVING and CRIMINAL RECORDS Background Checks on Employees


While venturing into the totally fascinating but sometimes frustrating task of "Searching the Internet", I learned many things.

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First: If I had enough time and patience and unlimited use of my Internet Service Provider's online connection time, I could find out just about anything.

Second: I had no such time to spend and could be easily distracted by following one link to another and losing sight of what I started out looking for in the first place.

Third: I had to learn a whole new language first. 

I came across an ad for the product in one of my many on-line (yawn) searches and thought this is definitely for me. Could it really be that I could just type in a few keywords and zip, zip I was led to where I REALLY wanted to be. Giving me what 10 search engines would take me the afternoon to accomplish. I was excited.

So what else could I look for in this program?
Credit Information
Business directories
Law Database
E-mail addresses
DMV Records

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I was finally having all the "fun" that my friends had been talking about and I was learning so much more about surfing. It was so easy I couldn't believe how I had previously been trying to conduct my searches. For the serious "researcher" it cuts out all the peripheral elements and gets you right where you need to be. For the novice, it's a wonderful tool to save all the time and frustration one feels when trying to learn a new task. And for everybody in between, it's just plain fast and informative. Additionally, not only do I find wonderful on-line resources, but a whole encyclopedia of State and Federal names and addresses, together with all the tips I would need to conduct a serious "investigation" of just about anyone or anything.
Since I have purchased this program, I feel every bit as confident to find what I need quickly, as the most experienced and technical professional researcher or investigator!

Perform Background checks
Locate E-mail addresses and phone numbers
Do Background Checks on EMPLOYEES before you hire them
Dig up information on your FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, or BOSS!
Get a Copy of Your FBI file
Locate missing Children or family members
Locate old classmates, old friends or even a Long lost lover
Able to track anyone's Internet activity and see what they've been doing, chat rooms, etc.
Does someone owe you money? This software will get the scoop on anyone
Learn how to "Cloak" your e-mail so your real e-mail would not be revealed
Investigate your Family history
How to locate Military records

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