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If you thinks your wife may be using the computer to chat online with strangers or you suspect your wife is cheating with someone online, this incredible new software records Computer and Internet activity, much like a camcorder, and lets you play back the recorded information. It records All applications loaded, All web sites visited, All chat conversations and All incoming and out going e-mail activity. It's like standing over their shoulder while they surf the net or work on the computer. You See What They See!!
Your will be able to monitor & record what your wife is doing online anywhere on the Internet. Record your wife's chat sessions and monitor your wife's PC and Internet Usage. Find out if your spouse is having an online affair.

With today's convenience of the Internet, it's easy for wife or spouse to secretly access chat rooms, adult sites, or emails from another person. With this program you will be able to monitor what your wife is doing online and offline. It records every keystroke, emails, chat rooms, websites visited and online conversations.

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Take hundreds of snapshots of your computers activity every hour, very much Like A Surveillance Camera, without anyone knowing but you. Install this software on your computer and it will Record Everything anyone does with your computer. We even have an add-on that will let you secretly monitor your computer remotely, from anywhere in the world, without going near that computer, ever again ! Learn the contents of Every Email, Every Chat Room, Every Web-Site viewed while anyone uses your computer...Capture & Record every word typed into your computer, in Absolute Secrecy ! Retrieve this information at your convenience. Our software is Totally Undetectable & Password Protected, which means only you can access its hidden log files.

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