Criminal Background Check

Verify Someone's Income Personal Public Information Locate Email Address


Criminal Background Checks

Find out "EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about your friends, family, neighbors, employees, and even your boss!"
  • Perform Background checks
  • Locate E-mail addresses and phone numbers
  • Do Background Checks on EMPLOYEES before you hire them
  • Dig up information on your FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, or BOSS!
  • Get a Copy of Your FBI file
  • Locate missing Children or family members
  • Locate old classmates, old friends or even a Long lost lover
  • Able to track anyone's Internet activity and see what they've been doing, chat rooms, etc.
  • Does someone owe you money? This software will get the scoop on anyone
  • Learn how to "Cloak" your e-mail so your real e-mail would not be revealed
  • Investigate your Family history
  • How to locate Military records

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Search software and people search software that allows the user to perform criminal record and background checks and locate missing people using the internet and other resources.

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