Criminal Background Check

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Record Computers Activity. Secretly Record Everything Your Kids, Spouse, or Employees Are Doing On Your Computer While You're Away !


Undetectable & So Easy To Use, a Child Could Install It.
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Take hundreds of snapshots of your computers activity every hour, very much Like A Surveillance Camera, without anyone knowing but you. Install this software on your computer and it will Record Everything anyone does with your computer. We even have an add-on that will let you secretly monitor your computer remotely, from anywhere in the world, without going near that computer, ever again ! Click Here To Start!

Learn the contents of Every Email, Every Chat Room, Every Web-Site viewed while anyone uses your computer...Capture & Record every word typed into your computer, in Absolute Secrecy ! Retrieve this information at your convenience. Our software is Totally Undetectable & Password Protected, which means only you can access its hidden log files.

Yes we said Totally Undetectable !
Find Out if their spouse is having an online affair.
Determine who uses their computer while they are away.
Keep a Record of their own PC and Internet activity.
Train other users on new applications. 
Record activity for technical support purposes.

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